Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santal Sacre by Decennial

Ginger, Elemi, Incense, White Musks, Papyrus, Australian Sandalwood.

Jerome Epinette is the parfumeur for this interesting rendition of Sandalwood. There are facets, in the different stages of development, that remind me of some other expensive and not-so-expensive Sandalwood releases.

The Musk, Papyrus and type of Sandalwood utilized in Santal Sacre is responsible for my comparison. The commonality stops there however and Santal Sacre separates itself with its integration of spicy wood and incense. I happen to enjoy sandalwoods blended with papyrus and assorted musks. I'm also a fan of spice, balsam and incense. It's these that elevate Santal Sacre above the rest of the pack. The totality isn't incendiary by any means. If anything, it gives one a sense of deja vu, at least in part, yet possesses enough originality to please even jaded noses.

To me, Sandalwood dominant scents have that dilemma of  smelling related to others that you have sampled or owned. Not all mind you, but enough to take notice. Santal Sacre takes this theme a step further with the addition of soft spices and smoke.

There's a subtle charring to the heart and base accords. It's evident, but not overwhelming and lends credence to the wood rendition. As linear as Santal Sacre truly is, it will have you continually sniffing the spots you applied it. The only transitions I experience is a lowering of presence and heightening of smoke as the life of the scent marches on.

Sillage is spot on and longevity is approximately 5 hours on my skin. The extended drydown is a very comfortable wear. Thumbs up from Aromi and a tip of the cap to Jerome Epinette for his contribution to Decennial. As always, a sample wear is highly recommended.

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