Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, December 22, 2012

What We Do In Paris Is Secret by A Lab on Fire

Ingenious? I think not ...

A ridiculously long winded name for a fragrance that could have been really special, but unfortunately just makes it to the "nice" category. The usually incredible M.Ropion has dropped the ball a little here for me ... but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't wear What We Do In Paris Is Secret.
I feel the need to substantiate that statement by saying that even though I feel slightly let down by this creation, the work of someone I consider to be a master perfumer, I do "get" it. I also rather like it and I suppose it's unfair to compare it to masterpieces like Carnal Flower and L'Elephant ... no one really knows what the circumstances of it's creation are. What disappoints somewhat is that What We Do In Paris Is Secret is rather conformist ... from a house that blatantly advertises it's ingenuity.

Nevertheless, the combination of Rose and "nutty" notes like Tonka and Tolu here are lovely, giving this frag an Almond-like feel on my skin. I detest too much fruit in fragrances so I was very wary of the Lychee in the top. It is, however, well controlled and doesn't hamper this fragrance as I thought it might. WWDIPIS is rather sweet and creamy ... no doubt a testament to serious lashings of Vanilla and Sandalwood. Does it conjure up Paris for me? No ... not in the sense that YSL's vintage Paris does, but I guess that is a Paris of yesteryear ... whereas this fragrance does lean towards the gourmand aspect of a fabulous modern patisserie. Une tasse de café à la vanille et un croissant aux amandes quelqu'un?
In it's favor, What We Do In Paris Is Secret does carry the Ropion hallmarks of superior sillage and longevity.

I'm not sure why drinking a cup of Vanilla coffee accompanied by an almond croissant would have to be kept secret, unless of course one was cheating on a diet or sharing said libation with an affaire! I do recommend trying What We Do In Paris Is Secret tho' ... it may just be surprising!

Rating 7/10


  1. Great review--too funny! I was equally underwhelmed... Maybe someone with an eating disorder would want to keep secret her consumption of croissants... lol

  2. Thanks Shera :) ... teehee I love almond croissants, and the size of my rear end can attest to that!!