Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Givenchy Xeryus ( Old formula)

You would expect a 1986 release to be the typical no-holds barred, cliched powerbomb, yet sometimes a fragrance from this era  will surprise you with quality over volume.

Xeryus is a leathery,floral- fougere that distinguishes itself with smooth masculinity. It doesn't yell or enter the room before you do. I remember a time when I did not like this fragrance, yet life is a confusing experience sometimes. I now hold the original formula of Xeryus in high regard. It's execution of oakmoss could be used as an example to others. ( NOTE***I have not experienced the more recent releases***)

Xeryus is a veritable storeroom of notes, but as we all know, the kitchen sink mentality doesn't always hold water. There's no leaks here however as Xeryus glides through it's seamless transitions like a ballet. I am becoming convinced that, in order for me to appreciate vintage frags more fully and accurately, I must continue to sample-wear the endless, modern schlock that inundates the buying public. It's only this way that I can really "see" just how good some of the classic masculines are that I may dismissed too hastily in the past.

What I notice this time around is the floral array in Xeryus; namely the jasmin-rose combo. The opening is super smooth and for me, the jasmin-rose is right there in the mix. It's actually where I smell this duo the best. A mossy undercurrent is there as well from the initial volley hiding underneath a very fluid accord of citric lavender. The floral array begins to blur after 5 minutes, giving way to wood notes and a hint of green.

I don't recognize incense as others have in the base accord, but the leathery moss is on the earthy side, compliments of vetiver and some musk. A subtle amber is realized in the extended drydown and I can still detect a very determined jasmin-rose in there along with the basenotes.

The volume is very polite and longevity is exceptional. This fragrance is smooth with a capitol S and a winner from the house of Givenchy. Big thumbs up from Aromi for Xeryus.

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