Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chanel Antaeus

How fitting a name and theme for this famous Chanel masculine. The powerful Antaeus challenging Hercules to a match. It wasn't until Hercules figured out that Antaeus got his strength from the earth was he able to defeat him.

Antaeus needed to stay low, dense and earthbound to be a viable adversary. Chanel has captured that in the form of fragrance. Antaeus keeps a low center of gravity and doesn't stray far from its source of power. You need be in a challenging mood to wear this scent.

I own and wear the original formula of Antaeus. It has nothing to do with snobbery but rather what I deem the superior version of it. I have tried the current and I don't care for it. Maybe if I had never worn the original, my opinion would be different, but that's simply not the case. I use the original and also the Sport version.

There is a line from a movie about "Wearing big-boy pants". It's a Will Ferrell line from the movie "The other guys". I bring that up because you had better be prepared to wear those big boy pants when donning Antaeus. This really is a mans scent and I don't recommend it for those who gravitate towards fragrances that are non-aggressive. It would still smell fantastic on whoever would choose to wear this classic, but the wearer might become offended by his own scent. Big boy pants. Go get a pair or leave the Antaeus to others.

The beeswax accord is my absolute favorite part of Antaeus. That's one of things I noticed lacking in the current rendition, but no matter.  Original Antaeus opens with a thick, dark and herbaceous accord that is spicy and has a bit of camphor. It's lush, classically elegant and has MAN written all over it.

The beeswax doesn't take long to begin working its way into the composition. Antaeus also begins developing a leathery feel from the combination of notes. This isn't a traditional leather fragrance, but it morphs into one of the best examples of "what could be" when a house puts some time and effort into a creation.

The drydown of Antaeus is a leathery woody-amber that straight up rocks. Houses today don't have the audacity to release something like this anymore and it's a shame. It offends today's sensibilities yet smells superior to 99% of what's being dished up at the malls.

The mythical Antaeus was a big dude. Chanel Antaeus is a big scent. Put on a pair of big boy pants or perhaps an enlargement of attitude and try this classic on for size. Who might do something big.

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