Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dior Jules Original Formulation

Christian Dior released this legitimate powerbomb in 1980 and it epitomizes that particular era of excess. The effect of Jules is a borderline sweaty and anamilic uber masculine scent. You get the idea. This is macho done twice.

Dior's Jules is the only masculine I have ever worn that embarrassed me in a social setting. Now, it wasn't Jules fault, but I'm here to tell you that if you accidentally over-apply this beast, you will be forever known as "Cologne guy". To sum it up, I hurried to get ready for a house warming and not being focused caused me to spray too much. I then ran out and no doubt warmed up that house. I actually "lit it up" and left under my own volition after my body heat started to launch Jules into every breathable space that little house had left. A night to remember..............

Jules opens with a very edgy lavender and cumin fighting inside a citric accord. When smelling this, you're not trying to analyze what notes are unfolding. You're looking behind you to see if  Dice Clay just entered the room after doing an hour routine on a hot stage.

The notes themselves are like a mob of convicts thrown into a small cell and told to get along. Lavender, cumin, carnation, herbal elements and spices all jostling for a space to call their own. It's controlled chaos and very good as long as your prudent with the sprayer.

The woodiness begins in the heart and the cedarwood oil gives Jules a real sense of gravity. This rendition is heavy and very unlike the cedar implementations of current releases. The rose and jasmin keep Jules on the dark side, but add a small sense of sweetness to an otherwise aggressive scent.

Once Jules begins drying down, it becomes leathery and animalic. The leather is feeding off the cedar oil and castoreum plus musk give the impression that you have what it takes to give Technoviking a run for his money. I don't recommend that unless you have a crowbar handy, but's a gamble sometimes..........

Dior Jules. Tough enough to tell Charles Bronson to go take a hike. Sillage and longevity are what you would expect from this liquid monster. Thumbs up from Aromi with caution flags attached.

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