Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Intrigant Patchouli by Parfumerie Generale

Intrigant Patchouli is a different take on patchouli, albeit a good one. The patchouli is very evident, yet it seems content to share the limelight with its opening partner; namely ginger.

Ginger is a tricky note to implement successfully into an accord outside of Orientals, but Intrigant pulls it off with flair. During my initial wearing of this months ago, I concluded it may be a touch too feminine, but with subsequent wearings, I have changed my mind.

The benzoin here is giving me a grape-like aroma, with maybe a hint of plum and the musk works well with it. It eventually morphs into a smooth fruit,wood and amberlike presence that I have come to like very much. This truly is a shared fragrance and an eclectic but worthy edition to anyones patchouli collection.

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