Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Maxim's Pour Homme

Bergamot, Lavender, Fruit, Sage.
Muguet, Jasmine, Cedar, Sandalwood, Carnation.
Amber, Moss, Patchouli, Musk and Leather.

What started as a promotional gimmick for a business venture resulted in the creation of Maxim's Pour Homme. When someone asks me to name a masculine frag that is, well......masculine, I always mention Maxim's Pour Homme.

The opening accord of Maxim's Pour Homme is eye opening. I mean that literally. The gravity and masculinity is immediate. It rushes across the skin, escalating into a very noticeable sillage before a cease-fire is called. This takes about 5 minutes and then Maxim's is content to simply posture as the aggressor.

I'll never know what aura Pierre Cardin was trying to encapsulate while creating this masculine. To me, Maxim's is a no nonsense, blue collar fragrance that is physical. This is true, not only in aroma, but in presence as well.

Maxim's has a thick brow and leans on the brooding side. It's muscular and you feel its power once applied. It opens with what I call a dark and edgy "bergender" accord that is already mixing it up with sage. The mysterious fruit note is like a mixture of pineapple and plum. It too has already landed some blows and the wearing isn't even 2 minutes old. The bell soon rings to end Round #1.

Maxim's ( thankfully ) has stamina and endures the initial onslaught. The dust settles and finds Maxim's still in gladiator mode, but now he's in the corner sitting on his stool. The corner man dispenses with the obligatory pep talk and sends him out for round #2.

We now find Maxim's still energetic, but content to simply look intimidating and dance around his opponent. This is a more comfortable Maxim's and ultimately more endearing. The combativeness has decreased and replaced by fluid movements. Maxim's Pour Homme is Rocky Balboa and promptly replaced with Apollo Creed. This transition is what makes Maxim's a periodic, cold weather wear for me. It starts out as a melee and by the end of the heart accord, Maxim's is a gangster's ballet.

The base and drydown is a natural lowering of volume and intensity. A leathery moss steps into the ring and gives this fighter a little different look. There's also hints of resin with the musk and patchouli happy to sit ringside and watch.

Maxim's Pour Homme. Heavyweight with a record of 4,681 wins and all by technical knockout. Sillage and longevity will satisfy even the most bloodthirsty.

Big thumbs up from Aromi for this macho S.O.B. that goes by the name of Maxim's Pour Homme.

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