Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ricci Club Haute Concentration

Released in 1989, I cannot say that Ricci Club Haute ever really caught on. What I can say is that this truly is a high concentration citric woody and wears much heavier than your run of the mill masculine citrus fragrance.

I have always liked Ricci Club Haute. I have an affinity for citric woodies, but this particular one bucks the trend and wears better in cooler temps than it does when you would normally apply a scent of this genre. I've had a few 100ml. bottles of this over the years and can attest to the fact that fall-winter make this one shine.

Ricci Club Haute opens with a very dense accord consisting of slightly herbaceous citrus that has hints of berry. There's lavender here too, but the citrus is front and center. It does not possess that cologne aura as it is much too concentrated and envelopes you in a cloud of thick, spicy bergamot that leans green.

Sandalwood and cypress are the mainframe for Ricci Club. You can sense them percolating underneath a small forest of florals. The floral array is big and round and as many as there are, they smell as one. They're like a corporation that's accented by lavender. This here is good stuff folks.......but it's not for everyone.

The cypress gives Ricci Club a distinct characteristic. It adds a bit of spiciness in addition to wood and then when drydown commences, it augments the amber in the base.

When I wear this scent, the heart accord never relents. It's still there in the base accord and onward, lower in volume and smoother, yet still viable. The base is oriental and is a well executed accord of vanilla, tonka and amber with some musk thrown in for general principles.

Sillage is strong and longevity is the best you will find for a woody citrus. Big thumbs up from Aromi for Nina Ricci's Haute Concentration.

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