Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ebay seller gives Aromi a Christmas solid.

I have been way more fortunate than other fragrance enthusiasts I know purchasing vintage scents from ebay. My luck continues with my most recent purchase made yesterday from a good hearted seller who shared the holiday spirit with me.....a total stranger.

My ebay search for vintage Versace L'Homme started about a month ago. Within a week of perusing the listings, I spotted the digital image of L'Homme I was looking for. After getting the confirmation from the seller that yes, this is indeed the exact item in the listing, I placed what I determined to be my highest bid. The bottle was a 50ml and my predetermined ceiling was $1 per ml.

I truly thought it would be enough....especially with Christmas only a few weeks away and everyone strapped for cash. I was wrong. Within 24 hours, someone outbid me and I was unwilling to go higher. After all, my ceiling price is just that. Bummer for me, but there's always tomorrow.....

On the 22nd, lo and behold, there is another vinatge 50ml with no bids from an entirely different seller. I contacted the seller asking ( again) if the image listed is the EXACT ITEM. The seller contacted me very swiftly acknowledging that yes, this is the exact item. I immediately replied thanking them for their promptness and that I was interested in the Versace.....and I am going to bid on it.

I placed my bid starting at $9.99 within minutes of the sellers reply, shut off my computer and off to work I went. 12 hours later and worn out, I collapsed into my cockpit chair with cold beer in hand and turned on my trusty Gateway. The first stop was email....and what do I see? An Ebay "You have won this item" notification. Say What?!?! I only had one active bid and the listing had 5 days left to go. "You have won Versace L'Homme 50ml for $9.99 plus shipping....Pay Now".....

After one more confused communication to the seller about the item, I received yet another swift reply. They let me know that since they surmised I had an affinity to this particular Versace from my communication....and since it's Christmas and all.....they opted to end the auction early and let me have it for my original lowball bid. They ended their communication with "Just fulfilling your request. Package will be shipped today".

How about that !!!! I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the sellers username. It is

This individual made my day.....even more so since my week has been turbulent and problematic. I wish -blue.midnight safe holidays and my gratitude for a nice Christmas gesture to a complete stranger. I shall wear vintage L'Homme in their honor very, very soon.

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  1. Very nice. In a world where we hear so much about the bad side of eBay and online fragrance market shenanigans, it's really nice to hear something positive like this. I'll be remembering that username, too!

    Merry Christmas All Around! :)