Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Giorgio Beverly Hills VIP Special Reserve

Aldehyde, Mandarin, Green Notes, Cardamom, Bergamot.
Sandalwood, Carnation, Rose, Cedar, Cinnamon, Orris, Patchouli.
Vanilla, Tonka bean, Musk, Moss, Leather, Benzoin, Amber.

This 1987 release came 3 years after the original Beverly Hills for Men. It is not misnamed. It is special. It's also served up strong, dark and long lasting. Those are special qualities in and of themselves, but V.I.P. takes  the original rendition a few steps further and the end result is an extinct masculine that kicks ass......but in a very good way.

V.I.P. Special Reserve reminds me of Beverly Hills for Men condensed into a concentrated formula, then spun into an obsidian, viscous web of masculinity. This fragrance conjures up the color black to me and does so every time I wear it. There's carnation and patchouli here, just like the original, but the ratios are different and superior in V.I.P.

When V.I.P. Special Reserve opens up on your skin, you are awash in an extremely rich aldehyde-citrus with a balsamic leather and orange wafting around inside of it. This accord has serious gravity and is completely unique.

A camphor note soon inserts itself and fattens up the opening. If I ever smelled this on someone, I would think that this is one, serious person. The aura is somewhat somber and within minutes, a spicy patchouli elevates this tenebrous accord and injects a little earthiness and warmth.

Fifteen minutes into V.I.P., the ominous undertones are lifting like a shroud being pulled away to reveal a  dark, floral array with spice. The patchouli is evident and the carnation less so, but the slow onset of wood and another volley of balsamic leather fill the void. This heart of murky rose, carnation topped with leathery wood and spice is flat out top shelf in my book.

V.I.P.'s middle accord has serious longevity and very grudgingly gives way to the base and drydown long after most fragrances have given up the ghost. The finish is a leathery wood, patchouli and resin with van-amber that  desperately tries to lend a hand.

Sillage is excellent and longevity is just as good. I hold Giorgio V.I.P. Special Reserve in very high regard. This is a no nonsense masculine that is very dense, aloof and somber. It also smells fantastic. If released today as niche, it would be lauded and command a pretty penny. Two thumbs up from Aromi for V.I.P. Special Reserve.

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