Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lalique Pour Homme EDP

This 2001 offering has potential that it will never realize. How is it that you can create an EDP complete with no sillage or longevity? Is this an olfactory magic trick? I may have to look in my fragrance for dummies book and find the answer to this.

While not stupendous by any means, Lalique PH opens with a very nice citrus accord that is immediately followed by a very smooth wood and spice. I believe an orris note makes an entrance next and then the volume, which was not loud to begin with, starts to lower noticeably. This has only been alive minutes and it is winding down already.

Note **** I have edited my last paragraph of this review since I was angered by this fragrance more than I should be. If your nose isn't glued to your skin, you will have missed out on the barely perceptible musky wood drydown. I am flabbergasted that this is represented an an EDP strength formula. EDC concentrations have more gusto than this. Lalique starts out with promise and ends quickly with disappointment. I am persuaded to believe that Lalique owes its customers of Pour Homme a sincere apology for releasing a misrepresented tease.


  1. LOL - I woke up the wife laughing at this one.

    I was thinking - man - I've got a couple of EDPs that stay close to the skin, but they've got crazy longevity and real presence. This doesn't sound right. Not AT ALL.

    I guess I can only say one thing. The bottle does look nice. ;-)

  2. I had to edit that one Red.....I was a bit

    I have another EDP by the name of t.gregory that is disturbing in the same has much better sillage and longevity. It also smells as good as the Lalique.

    EDP's need to be just Eau de Parfum. Lalique PH is a disappearing act.