Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cannabis Santal by Fresh

Cannabis Santal isn't what I expected. By no means is it a disappointing fragrance. Actually, it smells fairly good, yet it combines facets of masculines already done before.

Does is smell like weed? Not at all. It is reminiscent of tobacco accords like Zino, but of a lighter nature.It is an EDP selling for approximately $.74 per ml, so that isn't too bad. If I never smelled the likes of Zino and its tobacco counterparts, I'd probably pick up a bottle of Cannabis, but the others smell just as good or better. They are possessers of deeper accords. They also are much cheaper.

That aside, Cannabis Santal opens with a citric fruit combo with the already apparent patchouli. The volume is polite and pretty much stays that way from start to finish. The patchouli-rose duo blended with citrus and fruit give off a pleasant tobacco accord. The base is an uncomplicated vetiver-musk. There's chocolate listed in the basenotes as well, but I find it to be hiding behind the other suspects proficiently enough to go basically unoticed by me.

I find no real transitions in Cannabis Santal. What I get in the first few minutes is what I get for the life of the scent. This is a pleasant offering and if you like tobacco related masculines, I recommend sampling other notables and do side by side comaprisons.

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