Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, January 30, 2010

In search of the Holy Grail

I quite often read threads about Holy Grail scents and the intense search some go through to find it. Personally, I don't want to find it since the fun is in the journey.

The above image is my current drobe. I don't wear these for work, but have others for that task. I know the image sucks...and that's because I suck as a photographer. That aside, 90% of these could be a Holy Grail for someone other than myself.

Almost every one of these fragrances is a terrific rendition of what they represent. In spite of this, there is no way I could ever settle on just ONE and declare it to be " THE ONE " . Yes....some of these are downright awesome for their genres....but " THE ONE "??? Patou PH ? Best designer I ever have come across, but a Holy Grail? Aigner Superfragrance is just as good, maybe even better, but it too is not a HG.

No scent is " THE ONE". At best, it could be the most superior creation in your artillery, but think twice before you shortchange yourself with only one frag. After all, there is such diversity out there, not to mention all the incendiary fragrances you would miss out on. Remember that the fun is in the journey. The destination is a bit too final for yours truly.


  1. Nice to see what's in your wardrobe. Okay, my curiosity is getting to me - which MPG is it, what's in the saphire-colored bottle behind Habit Rouge, and what is that big bottle at the far back left? Whenever I see wardrobe panoramas, I always have to play name-the-bottle, and those are the only ones I can't guess...

    ( I think the only bottle we both own is Success, though I used to have tester of Patou PH - all used up, alas! )

  2. Hey G_B ! Far left is Opium Homme EDP and the MPG is Santal Noble.

    These are the open bottles I wear on rotation, but have backups in the warchest NIB that are earmarked for a store years down the road.

  3. I agree with the reality that there is no fragrance that is "the one" in any true universal sense. However, there comes a time when one diversifying and collecting needs to admit that redundancy can quickly be met, and to have picked "the one" out of 10 others, is to achieve being able to pick others that are far more unique that result in true diversification in your collection. In short, I think there is a benefit to putting a stake in the ground and calling certain fragrances "the one". I have about 3 super citrus frags that I put into "the one" type category, and now I don't have to wonder when I smell something else that attracts me with it's wondrous citrus beckoning. Bottom line is I don't need any more citrus scents, and I can move on to something else I actually don't have. Fragrances are infinite. Money is not.