Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I didn't realize how much fragrance I used this year

This is what I went through in 2009......and there's approximately 6 bottles not pictured.

Damn !!! Did I actually smell this good? Well....yes....of course I did. How else can I live up to the Cologne Mafia Don rep?

My poor, longsuffering wife stopped asking me about the different packages coming and going quite some time ago.....and yes.....she thinks I'm an extremely unbalanced individual. I can only imagine that she probably has a point, but at least I smell really good while I slowly drive her crazy with this hobby. That is the least I can do.

From left to right starting with back row :
Ricci Club Haute 100ml
Molinard Patchouli 100ml
Carlo Corinto 100ml
Carven Homme 100ml
Chevignon 100ml
   Tristano Onofri 50ml
     Moschino Pour Homme 50ml
       Gucci Pour Homme ( 1976) 30ml X 2
     KL Homme 60ml
      Lauder for Men 50ml
      Mediterraneum 50ml
       Gucci Envy 30ml
         Balmain de Balmain 50ml
            Dolce & Gabanna Pour Homme 1.3oz
            Opium Homme EDP refill 50ml
Not pictured : Montana Red 125ml,  t.gregory EDP 100ml, Capucci Punjab 90ml, Chanel Antaeus Sport 100ml, Versailles Pour Homme 30ml, Rochas Macassar 50ml.

Something made me look in my "empty bottle" basket and once I pulled it out and took a peek, I was ( an am) amazed at the volume of juice I not only wore, but gave away in samples. Only God knows how many atomizers I went through in 09....which reminds me that I have none at the moment and have to order even more.......damn.......

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  1. LOL - yeah, that was one of my New Year silent resolutions - re-order atomizers.

    Yeah, when people ask me why I have so many bottles, the first part of my answer is that, very simply, I use a whole lot of fragrance. I tend to spread it through a ton of bottles, so I don't have a problem with empties (yet), but intregrating over my whole wardrobe, it's a heck of a volume!

    Great picture, too! :)