Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, January 16, 2010

L'Air du desert marocain by Tauer

I purposed it in myself that ,starting this year, I would begin to explore numerous niche releases that have already garnered good reviews or have been deemed polarizing. L'Air du desert marocain has enough devotees that I really needed to see what the praise was all about.

After wearing this Tauer release for over an hour, I'm reminded of just how far modern designer fragrances have fallen. There's a spicy richness to L'Air and the overall feel and execution are somewhat reminiscent of the parfum version of Opium Homme. No....they are not the's the totality  that is similar.

L'Air is substantial and God knows I love substance in a masculine scent. A slightly smoky amber with spice and woody undercurrents opens this frangrance on me with a mild citrus relegated as a background accord. Even the florals take on a woody characteristic. I like the boozy amber interplay in this; especially when vanilla makes a passive appearance.

There's a very good balance in this Tauer creation. It's never too woody, too spicy or anamalic. The listed patchouli must be buried very deep or it's simply trumped by the wood. It doesn't matter since L'Air is chock full of competent players and blended perfectly. Kudos to Tauer on this release. With the quality of modern designer fragrances, this niche creation is a breath of fresh air and hope.


  1. I received this as a sample a few weeks ago and applied today. I've worn it all day, enjoying it's enveloping presence through studying, napping, and post-nap grogginess. As I do whenever I wear a new fragrance, I started reading through the blogs and stumbled on yours, which is is pretty funny since it was posted today. :). I love this fragrance. In most things, I'm a "ladies' lady" (pearls, heals,hats, suits and dresses, etc.), but with fragrances, I can't seem to wear anything "lady-like" at all...when they aren't hurting my nose, they are suffocating my senses.

    It was such a delight to discover Tauer's line. Of course, L'air is not lady-like in the traditional sense of the word (florals, etc.), but I love that I can feel wholly sexy in this, like a lady in a cashmere wrap, without feeling that I've skanked myself out, spread-eagle for the masses.

  2. Hi Geordan,
    Glad you found the blog and that you also like wearing L'Air. I have a habit of using the word "masculine" quite a bit. In reality, I usually am referring to the fact that men can pull off the fragrance in question.

    I'm quite certain this fragrance would smell awesome on either gender. I also can't imagine any woman smelling skanky or promiscuous wearing this Tauer release. lol. I would probably get quite the opposite impression and would think "Damn...she smells good"!!!

  3. Hi, Geordan. I agree with both you and Aromi - this is a heck of a scent, as are Tauer's Incense Rose and Lonestar Memories (in descending order of ease of wear, I think). And I likewise scoff at gender distinctions on this scent, if not in general. Yes - Tauer really gets in a body-blow on modern, wimped-out scents, with this one. And I'm cheering him on. I love my light scents, but they don't need to be taking over the world, if we can help it.

    Thanks again for stopping in!