Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lonestar Memories by Tauer

I enjoyed L'Air, so I decided to sample this Tauer creation as well. This is a strange duck and falls into a category of like-dislike, depending on the accord transitions.

As a former Chef, I have used untold amounts of liquid smoke to make sauces. The smoke in Lonestar is reminiscent of this ingredient, albeit mixed with a spiced up leather. Lonestar opens with this tandem and the smokiness is over the top for what I consider too long a time frame.

This finally begins settling down into a woody incense underneath an aura of mildly burnt leather belt and singed sage. I can't say I detect vetiver or tonka and it may be due to olfactory fatigue from the monumental smoke offering of Lonestar.

This Tauer creation is polarizing and I'm quite sure there are some who will find it incendiary. As for me, it is a bit too eclectic and smoky for pleasurable wearing.


  1. I definitely understand the "liquid smoke" comparison with this Tauer - Lonestar Memories really says BBQ to me! This is a fragrance I wanted to love, given the image and the notes listed, but it was just too weird and foody.

    I have a similar problem with his Incense Rose, which isn't bad at all, but smells for all the world to me of Chinese chili sauce. ( Une Rose Chypree was great, though. )

  2. Lol.....maybe he is creating these in his kitchen. It makes me think of something Frank Zappa would have made if he were a perfumer instead of crazed musician.