Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, May 29, 2010

82 Pour Homme.......Blind Buy catastrophe.......

I am extremely lucky when it comes to blind purchases. It's been said I have a horseshoe in my ass, but I would definitely notice a protuberance of that magnitude where it really doesn't simply chalk up my good fortune to innate skill.....or maybe I should visit a proctologist. Anyway......

My "shoe" was missing recently when I pulled the trigger on Fashion Two Twenty's "82 Pour Homme". I unwrapped the nostalgic bottle and admired the retro look of the bottle and packaging. I thought to myself that this was either going to be the bomb.....or a complete catastrophe.

I didn't have to wait long. One spritz is all it took. I was immediately reminded of my hatred of Monsieur Leonard ( yes....the one in the big, green bottle), but 82 PH was far, far worse and pronounced than Leonard could ever be. My first thought was that if I only had 2 choices between this and Monsieur Leonard, I would opt to literally swim in a man-made pool of Leonard than to have to don this barbaric conglomeration of vile liquid.......and you have no idea just how much I dislike the smell of Leonard.

I stared dejectedly at both bottles of 82 PH. Yes.....I'm a blind-buying genius and bought 2 of them. Suddenly, there was a ray of hope as I noticed one of them was an Eau de Cologne sent by mistake instead of 2 EDT's. Can the EDC be somehow more tolerable than the despicable EDT I just sprayed on my poor, suffering arm??? Quickly, I grabbed the EDC and primed the sprayer until I shot a huge spritz on my other arm.

Defeat is a depressing and final emotion. The EDC had a slightly different accord arrangement, but was just as strong and even more dastardly than the EDT. IT took a few attempts to scrub both off and there remained a lingering skin scent that I sprayed over with not only Kouros, but Lapidus PH as well. Those 2 can ( and will) kill any other competition, but they had their hands full with 82 PH.

The moral ( and reason) for this post is NOT to deter Blind-Buys, but to STAY AWAY from this masculine that goes by the name of 82 Pour Homme.....unless, of need to get even with someone...or simply hate their guts. all means a bid.

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