Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, June 18, 2010

Jovan Sport Scent for Men

This 1978 Jovan release has me baffled as to its name. A "Sport Scent" brings to mind a certain genre and construction. This is anything but a "Sporty" type masculine.

Allow me first thank our friend xmen for his generosity. Henry always surprises me in each transaction with one or more completely obtuse masculines as freebies. He didn't disappoint in our last deal as Jovan Sport was one of the few extras he threw in to keep me confused.

My initial impression of this scent is Bruce Jenner wearing Leonard Pour Homme. Sound insane? I cannot help imagining that. The green notes and lavender in the opening accord are immediately joined with the rest of the culprits. The lavender runs point with the green becoming more submissive each passing minute. This is soapy lavender and is caught up with a barely perceptible cardamon, sage, honest-to-goodness oakmoss, patchouli and tobacco.

This is very old-skool masculine, but how in the world does it get the tag of "Sport"??? I am at a loss, but no matter. 1978 was an extremely crazy year and time and it's safe to say that, by cologne standards of that year, this may have been a "light" offering. By today's standards however, this would be a heavy hitter.

Jovan Sport is basically linear, but after it calms down in 15 minutes, it's actually pretty good. It still isn't "Sporty" and I could have done with a lower volume on the soapy lavender note. All in all though, this is a decent retro frag that will certainly take you to that time and place.


  1. Xmen is great, isn't he? The best seller of vintage obscurities, for sure.

    Fun review. "Sport" definitely meant something different back then. I seem to remember seeing old advertisements of Estee Lauder's Azuree and Alliage being sold as "sport" fragrances for women ( complete with ads showing polo-playing models in tweed, no less ), despite the fact they're quite strong, dense chypres. I guess sport meant "muscular" rather than "fresh" back then...

  2. Yes....xmen is Da Bomb. Polo playing models in tweed is some funny #@*!. I'm beginning to believe my peer group was extremely insane. lol.

    I believe you may be right bro. Muscular versus Fresh probably was the mentality. I surely cannot think of any better line of reasoning.

    The longevity of Jovan Sport is 3 to 4 hours....more once it turns into a skin scent.

  3. A perfect gift to my special someone this Valentines Day. Thanks for sharing! :)

    eula @ human pheromones