Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kolnisch Juchten by Gegenuber

For some odd reason, I have been sampling quite a few leather scents lately....and not by design. I'm not a fanatic for the note, nor a detractor. Samples magically pass through my hands from the generosity of enthusiasts and Cuir this and that have been finding their way into my sample box.

I am NOT COMPLAINING. It is actually exorcising my nose and I'm grateful. Galamb graciously sent me Kolnisch Juchten recently and I admit to being completely ignorant of this release except to what I've read on basenotes. I think I am part of Galamb's diabolical plan to drag me out of the depths of designer hell and add to my fragrance addiction by getting me strung out on niche and obtuse releases like Kolnisch. He is an evil

This particular fragrance is HUNDREDS of years old. Well....the formula is anyway, but there's no telling how old the juice is that I'm sampling. Juchten opens with tanned leather and a slight tar aroma. Very different, but pleasing. It does have an old-school vibe, but how could it not? There's a subtle smoke that appears after a few minutes, along with  some sort of resin. Amber? Wood? Both? Hell if I know for sure, but the accord is there in the background staying behind the now smoky leather.

This seems to be the road Juchten travels. It's a fairly straight expanse, but who says fragrance accords have to convoluted and littered with notes and transitions? If you have a hankering for smoky leather of the fine kind, be sure to snag a sample of Kolnisch Juchten anywhere you can find it. Aromi has no choice but to give this a big thumbs up.


  1. Glad this one worked for you!

    Getting your hands on this these days is kind of tricky. It's now made under the trademark "Regence" and is only available - I kid you not - through one perfume store called Jacqueline Parfumerie in San Francisco.

    I've been in there. It's a strange little shop, but there are a ton of discontinued things there, including oddities like this.

  2. I googled the shop, but no website. A walk-in brick and mortar......too bad for us CornFlake County folks.

    The shop looks awesome however. It looks as though you'll walk out of there with some type of fragrance gem.

  3. I received a sample of this recently and will have to give it a try and comment on it. Veddy Interesting!

  4. Following up on the comment, I now have both a Regence FB and a "vintage" sample from its former manufacturer from TPC... I like the SMOKE in the Regence version of KJ (and have a fondness for the sheer "ballsy-ness" of the scent), and want to compare the latter version to the former. Will post results here! (someone mentioned that they thought the KJ smelled like bacon cooking. Well... I am unsure about that, but the Regence version definitely has a BBQ smoke vibe going).