Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

L'Arte di Gucci

L'Arte di Gucci is a 1991 discontinued gem that places emphasis on rose. Yes...that's right....big, round rose with dew on it. This is an excellent floral chypre that has passed through my hands courtesy of our resident Rose-Meister himself.......Galamb.

This is twice now in the span of one week that I have sampled an excellent rendition of rose. It was Sonoma Scent Studio's "Vintage Rose" a few days ago.....and now L'Arte di Gucci throws me a curveball.

What is exceptional about LAdG is that I don't detect a fake or counterfeit aroma. I liked Vintage Rose for the same reason. The rose isn't dry or dusty. It's as if there's a slight dew or moisture on the rose note and the smell is round....full bodied if you will. There's a multitude of notes in the top and heart of this fragrance, but from the initial application, the rose is an unadulterated diva. She isn't taking a backseat to anyone.

A little citrus of the sparkling variety, fruit and green lead the rose out to center stage....and then quickly retreat to the wings. The floral heart has an impressive cast of geranium, tuberose, muguet and jasmin......but jasmin is the only one willing to do a duet in this scene. She holds her own with the rose and makes the scent bloom.

The base accord offers no animalics on my skin and that's probably due to skin chemistry. What I get is a subtle earthy tone with the rose-jasmin duo hovering above it. It's better this way in my opinion. This is all about the rose.......and so it should end the same way when the curtain falls.

There's no need for an encore neither. The sillage left in its wake is enough


  1. Glad you liked!

    Everyone I've sent a sample of this to has liked it. It really makes me wonder why it was discontinued.

  2. PS: Where did you find that very curious-looking bottle of L'Arte? Is it a mini?

  3. ScentDirect bro. I find quite a few bottle pics there. It's a great source of accord info as well.