Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Perry Ellis 360 Red for Men

Perry Ellis released this Fresh Woody Chypre in 2003. It has been compared to Aqua di Gio, but I really
don't see the similarities that others seem to. I have previously owned ADG and promptly traded it away as I saw it as over-rated and generic.

 360 Red for Men however is a superior fragrance IMO and better constructed. It teeters on aquatic, but isn't one at all. a pretty neat trick indeed. 360 opens with a spicy citric accord that seems to border on overload. I say that because as light and fresh as this scent is, the topnotes have sustain and give 360 that "Fresh and borderline aquatic" aura. I can only assume the opening accord was deliberately given gravity for this purpose.

I have recently received a few compliments when wearing 360 Red for Men, yet I become anosmic after 10 minutes and am amused that others can detect what I no longer can. I have to give props for the use of lavender in the heart. It's in perfect balance with coriander and never usurps the transition simply augments. The fragrance, in its entirety, isn't complicated in spite of manifold notes. In 2 or 3 minutes, I get the totality of 360......and that is fine by me.

There is sandalwood mysore listed in the base accord, yet don't believe for a minute that mysore is implemented here. Unless " Sandalwood Mysore" is a different animal than "Mysore Sandalwood", I believe that this listed note is either an embellishment or a subtle play-on-words. Regardless,  forgiveness is given  the House of Ellis for the verbal creativity and tip my hat to their ability to use heavy hitters in the base and still keep this "light and fresh". I detect the moss, musk, patch, cedar and possibly vetiver and it is used with a skilled hand.

Bottom line is 360 Red for Men is not only economical, but an excellent choice for warm to hot temperatures. It smells very good and has adequate longevity with reasonable sillage. It is better than I ever expected and now own a bottle.

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