Tabac Aurea by Sonoma Scent Studio

Laurie seems to have a skilled hand when it comes to employing labdanum. It's a theme running through the line and continues to give substance and heft to each creation.

This tobacco oriented release is as good as the others in her line that I have sampled and reviewed. I enjoy tobacco scents, but in truth, there aren't that many that have that certain something it takes for me to wear them regularly. That is....until I tried this.......

This reminds me of a full bodied tobacco that is perfect for autumn and winter. Do you like pipe tobacco? Imagine sitting on planks of hewn cedar and you are downwind from a cannister of unlit pipe tobacco that has wispy cherry overtones. This aura dominates the entirety of the composition, but is made possible with the assistance of oriental and earthy notes. Once again, the normal heavy hitters I am accustomed to overtaking a transition, stay in stand-by mode and assist only in giving the composition fullness. The tobacco theme that unfolded from the very beginning remains and is simply carried along by the base.

Tobacco fans should delight in this release. This is smooth, soothing and devoid of any scratchy or disconcerting notes. Yet another winner from Sonoma Scent Studio.


  1. Glad this one went down well! Though I personally don't wear it, it's definitely one of the best tobaccos I've smelled.

  2. Sounds wonderful Aromi. I love the smell of pipe tobacco.

  3. I know certain compositions or house themes aren't for everyone, but there's something about the denseness of her scents that appeals to me. I have only a few tobacco scents I like and this one is right up there at the top.

    The longevity and "swirl" effect of her juice is also commendable.


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