Vintage Rose by Sonoma Scent Studio

Quickly becoming a favorite house of mine, Sonoma Scent Studio's Vintage Rose has accomplished pleasing me with a Rose fragrance....and a feat since I have yet to smell a dedicated Rose scent that I thought had any real merit.

Let me rephrase; I love a rose note in quite a few masculines. When it's in tandem with other complimentary notes, I find rose to be an awesome addition and complimentary note to the composition. The same goes for feminine fragrances featuring rose that are blended with other notes. As a dedicated note, I cannot say I like soliflore's. Rose, by itself, always seems to come off smelling fake or even plastic-y to my nose.

Even numerous Rose dominant scents ( feminines) that aren't soliflore's have this effect on me, but not so with Vintage Rose. Sonoma has tempered the note with sweet and gritty additions of plum and amber, labdanum, sandal,cedar, vetiver and tonka. None of the additions steal the limelight from the star, they simply compliment and add some gravity.

Vintage Rose is just that.....a husky rose dominant fragrance that manages to curtail that synthetic aura I find pandemic to these type of creations. Yet again, another release from this House that is bottle worthy and with a very acceptable price point. Kudos to SSS.


  1. Glad this one worked for you! Yes, "gritty" sounds much like my experience of this one, too - the woods give it a texture roses don't usually have on their own.

    Definitely one of best and most unique roses out there, in my opinion.

  2. Oh, the woods+ rose make me curious indeed. Might have to try that one, thanks to this review. "Gritty" sounds like a great combo.


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