Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Reporter by Oleg Cassini

1978 seems to have been a pivotal year for masculines. I believe it began to usher in what we now consider to be the power-scents that defined the 1980's. It actually started before 78, but it seems to have galvanized that year and other houses jumped on board the bold masculine wagon. I say this simply from what I have purchased and sampled. It also stands to reason that staying alongside your competition was as commonplace then as it is now.

Meet Oleg Cassini's Reporter. This comes roaring out of the bottle with a blast of lavenderized citrus and subtle spice with aldehyde. Old school vibe for sure, but after 5 minutes it settles down into a nice melding of notes. The lavender in Reporter doesn't exude that caustic and soapy characteristic I find in too many lavender accords. It's very apparent, but tempered by wispy herbal and woody notes.

The heart settles down the scent even more. The volume is slowly turned down and as the mid notes make their entrance, they seem content not to usurp the dissipating topnotes. They stay alongside one another with lavender still walking point. Spicy florals that lean slightly green courtesy of pine and fern and a dash of sweet from jasmin all blend together nicely. This type of execution reminds me, once again, how different current accord notes and transitions are compared to what used to be. This is smooth, yet bold and very distinct. Even with the volume decreasing, Reporter is still deafening compared to today's offerings. It's actually "note clarity" versus the blended mush we get these days.

The base of this masculine makes itself known 20 minutes or so into the life of the scent. A very mild civet note that is soon accompanied by woody amber and moss send reporter into the comfort zone. The 3 transitions are smooth but noticeable. Musk is also present, but extremely subdued and executed when this becomes a skin scent.

This is a scent I was keenly interested in because of its rarity and listed accords. xmen graciously sent this bottle to me in our last transaction and I want to take the time to shout out and thank my friend for his kindness and generosity. He is the best, no question.

Reporter did not disappoint either. It is indicative of the era no doubt. This is a mature scent that I'm quite sure was targeted, at its inception, to the 30's and up crowd. I am happy to have a bottle of this obscure scent....and since I am in the "mature" crowd......I'm also happy to Report that I shall wear it proudly and in the appropriate venues.

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