Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Voyage En Mediterranee Labdanum De Seville of my favorite notes. Of course, that's contingent on how and to what degree it's implemented.

L'Occitane released this in an EDP version and to my knowledge, the EDP is what I received in a generous gesture from a basenoter by the name of arwen_elf.

Voyage En Mediterranee opens its uncomplicated accords with a spicy citrus. This doesn't possess the depth of most EDP formulations I'm accustomed to, but I believe the objective of this scent was to keep it buoyant. It falls in between light and heavy....and from the birth of it on skin, one can tell this is a shared scent regardless of marketing strategies.

In 5 minutes or less, the amberish labdanum, spiced up from the initial accord, makes its appearance. This is the entire heart accord....labdanum and only labdanum. This note isn't sweet and to me is borderline dry with a slight resin quality to it. The volume is very respectable and unobtrusive. I find the opening and heart a pleasant scent since I like amber and spice. This isn't dense like others of this ilk and has a breathe-ability that makes it versatile for climate or occasion.

The base accord is as simple and straightforward as its predecessors. Benzoin and vanilla patiently wait their turn and do it in a subtle and unassuming fashion. It's a soft and comforting drydown and remains understated. No dramatic transitions here folks. Linear? Yes......I'd say so, but the simplicity gives this scent a comfortable symmetry. The fragrance world ( like our own) needs all kinds of diversity....or else what's the point? Variance is born from diversity.....and it's a good thing.

All things being equal, Voyage En Mediterranee Labdanum is a very nice and casual wear for those who have a proclivity for spice and amber type fragrances. Don't expect the earth to move or otherworldly sillage and projection. That's not the skill set here. Comfort and a pleasant wear is the name of the game. I like it and allow me to again thank Adriana for her generosity.