Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

With fall approaching, I must bring the macho designers out of mothballs

Yes........the image is that of the most over-the-top comic book, wrestling character of all time; Macho Man Randy Savage. No.....I am not a wrestling aficionado and never have been. However, I have a sister who, in years past, would actually fist fight you if you mentioned the word "fake" in conjunction with her wrestling heroes.........but that's another story altogether.......

Macho Man is pictured here because with cool weather imminent, I am forced to delve into the warchest and bust out the lovable, but gnarly classic powerhouses that exist for cool to cold temps. Of course, they are wearable all year round since there are no "rules" for scent, but to keep collateral damage to a minimum, I try and wear them seasonally......or as much as is within me to do so. I sometimes fail and cave in to the need for Kouros and his ilk during the simmering summer.....but.....I implement a judicious hand when relapsing.......

As I sift through my fragrances that have been put away since March, I realize what a lucky person I am to not only have what I have, but being fortunate enough to possess a passion for multiple hobbies; fragrances being one of them. I have forgotten quite quickly just how much juice is in my warchest....and I get the feeling that I am completely unbalanced.....compulsive.....obsessive......yes......just like my other hobby. On the other hand, how does one excel at anything in this life without becoming obsessive......or to put it in a kinder light....focused. Ah yes.....focused it sounds much more flattering....and eliminates the selfishness of it all.....

Okay, now that I have established I'm a hoarding, self-centered SOB, let's get back to my testosterone filled masculines that have been gathering mothballs for 6 months. Looking at them sitting silently in their bottles, one would never know that once unleashed, they eschew passiveness and immediately proceed to curl your hair. Like Macho Man flexing his steroided biceps, they come roaring out of their confinement and never stop talking smack until their life has simply evaporated out of existence. Some of them will actually try and body slam you if you're not careful. I remember on one occasion when Jules by Dior assaulted numerous guests at a party and almost had me serving a weekend of incarceration for olfactory negligence. That damn vintage Jules could beat Macho Man, Hulk and an angry 3 legged midget in a steel cage match. You heard that here first....

So.........what do I bring out of the chest and up on the shelves for this fall? Well, Maxim's Pour Homme is a sure fire bet for flexing your fragrance muscles. They don't come more macho than that. Vintage Havana by Aramis is going to see some action as is Success by MCM. Surely Or Masculin by Bourjois will do some work and God help me, but I will have to put calls into Vintage Parfum d'Habit  and Versailles Pour Homme when I'm really feeling ornery and plan on being by myself.

The cooler temps have always done justice to Pancaldi by Honorah. What a shimmering and smooth green scent that is !!! The unholy triumvirate of Kouros, Balenciaga Pour Homme and Lapidus will be on call for heavy duty shifts.
Then there is the elusive and mighty Punjab by Capucci when I feel the tether for leather.  MCM's 24 Hour Evening, Giorgio V.I.P. and Classic Davidoff for those raucous wearings and for something smooth, but substantial, Opium Homme EDP and Ricci Club Haute will definitely suffice.

When cold weather smoke is necessary, then Ted Lapidus for Men and S.S.Studios Winter Woods are there for the taking. I know Winter Woods isn't a designer, but it's so damn good I have to include it. The patchouli fix is no problem as long as Vintage Givenchy Gentleman, Reminiscence Eau de Patchouli and Mazzolari are on the shelf. Again....I'm including some niche, but powerbombs ( niche or otherwise) have to be included. After all, section E, paragraph 22 of the fragrance penal code insists that there be no more fragrance profiling....or else you will be forced ( against your will) to wear Veejaga's Haschish Homme for no longer than a 12 hour period. Anything longer will be tantamount to very unusual punishment.

Dear Lord.......the list goes on. I have only scratched the surface of the warchest and already I'm thinking that the aforementioned will be enough to get me through the bleak winter months. In truth, they will be enough, but I know I'll end up pulling out more bottles and putting them in the "cold" rotation until I have to put up additional shelves. Yes.......I'm an ass.......a compulsive and obsessive......but very focused ass. I guess we'll have to accept it. My wife already has.


  1. Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh today. And a whole list of super masculines to sniff. I also like "focused," I'll use that.

  2. Thanks Krista. I also saw your blog and it's excellent. I added a link from here.