Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lou Lou EDP by Cacharel

Jean Guichard created this fragrance for Cacharel in 1987. Lou Lou is advertised as a strong parfum.......and they told no lies. yet another fragrance that needs a minimal hand when applying. A few drops will truly suffice and when put on sparingly, it is indeed an old school parfum that smells very good....even today. If over-applied, well.....I wouldn't want to be around to experience that. This is right up there with Dior's Poison for sheer tenacity.

Lou Lou is a powerful and slightly powdery floral with an oriental-woody base accord as its foundation. Right out of the bottle, a herbaceous and fruity accord with some spice emanate off your body with a strong jasmin-tuberose duo hot on its heels. I had to sample this EDP rendition a few times and found that just 1-2 drops is perfect and makes for an enjoyable ride. More than that is cloying and simply too much of a well made thing. Minimalism is the key here........

Muguet, orange blossom, rose, orris, violet and ylang are all here in supporting roles. Within 5 minutes, I have a very good jasmin-tuberose-mace dynamic going and a hint of spicy powder. This is actually very good...yet, I can understand some of the disparaging reviews I have come across. It's old school, but in a good way and simply cannot be applied like you would a current creation. These were "built" a certain way for a certain time......and lest we forget....the ingredients 20 years ago were far superior to what I smell these days......

The base is cedar and sandal with tonka, vanilla and vetiver being the main players. The drydown isn't pronounced like the first two accords, but it's a nicely blended accord that lowers the volume and changes into something a bit more comforting. The florals are still there mind you......albeit toned down a few notches.

In small doses, Lou Lou gets a thumbs up from me. can be loud, but with Lou Lou, less actually is more. Fans of Jasmin, rose and tuberose should give this a spin.


  1. Lou Lou, Ysatis, and Poison have a reputation for being the big three - axis of evil, perhaps? - of the Enormous '80s Florientals.

    Lou Lou is the one I've yet to try, but find myself strongly intrigued by the thought of a mace and florals accord, as mace is a favorite spice of mine.

  2. Perhaps I can send you a sample of this participant in the axis of evil. lol.