Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Amouage Gold Man

Ah.......the fanfare that this house causes is amusing. Even more amusing to me is a fragrance that is a quality creation and fails to move me. Enter Amouage Gold Man.

From the very beginning, Gold Man introduces itself in a conservative fashion. Other reviewers have stated the powerhouse nature of the scent, yet I don't find it outspoken. The essence is full bodied, but the conglomeration of notes used here never exceed an intelligent volume.

For whatever reason, I feel ambivalent towards this scent. You can smell that it's well made and blended, but I want a fragrance called Gold Man to be provocative at the very least. Gold Man opens with a duo of Rose and Muguet on me. There's a hint of frankincense coupled with the floral component and the accord is very smooth to say the least. I like the way the rose is restrained here and there's just enough of it to peek through and let you know it's there.

After 15 minutes, a subtle musk makes an appearance and it too is politely interwoven into the opening accord. I fully expected an obvious wood theme to emerge since cedar and sandal are implemented, yet these never seem to come to fruition for me. The Rock Rose slowly becomes the theme and this is seemingly at the expense of the woody duo. I would have truly enjoyed a more extroverted tandem of wood to arrive and trump the florals at a certain point in the accord transitions, but it's not to be.

The Myrrh is a nice touch and really compliments the floral array. Ambergris and civet are listed, but they never make me take notice. What I am left with is well done spicy floral scent that's most assuredly better than average, yet creates no spark for me. Gold Man also doesn't exceed more economical rose dominant fragrances I have sampled. Suffice it to say that Gold Man is good.......just not that good.


  1. This scent is so overrated, it's not even funny. It smells to me like a slightly more complex Royal Copenhagen. I like RC, but I'm not going to pay $235 for a bottle of it, and I'm certainly not going to pay that for this thing. I agree that it's pretty good, but that's all it is. I'm still convinced most people go ga-ga over this because it's expensive, niche and relatively obscure, even though they won't admit it.

  2. Now Amouage Epic Woman that Mimi reviewed, THAT sounds good...

  3. Hey Sean. I agree bro. It's simply not worth the price point when there's so much more out there that's better for less $$$.

    What I really want to try is that obscure patchouli you recently reviewed. A blind buy on that isn't going to hurt anything......and considering what I've paid for some of my patch scents, I will pull the trigger in the next week or so.

  4. I was really underwhelmed by Gold Man. It had such a big reputation as this impossibly floral, impossibly animalic, impossibly huge fragrance and instead I found it a very old-fashioned smelling soapy, powdery fragrance.

    Gold Woman is similar but a lot better in my opinion, but I still find Ubar more complex and interesting than either of the Golds.