Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Amouage Opus II

I am happy to have another go at the Opus series, courtesy of "Mimi the Terrible"

After numerous tries with Opus 1 and being satisfied that it is an excellent fragrance, I am sampling Opus II in the hopes of not only the opportunity to review it, but that it would be a suitable wear for me since #1 was a bit too feminine for my tastes. I am ready to discuss #2 in the Opus lineup.

The opening of Opus II is just as good as #1. There's a transparent "fullness" to both, in spite of them being different fragrances. Opus II is a bit lighter in the projection and also a bit more masculine in aura. The top accord is a melding of mild lavender with a bite from pepper. There's also a spicy wood note apparent from the initial spray that's well mannered and very appropriate. I like it very much due to the cardamon sneaking up from the heart and embellishing the first few minutes of Opus II.

The heart isn't nearly as bold as Opus 1. It's a polite duo of jasmin and rose with a dash of spice from a very subtle cinnamon. Compared to Opus 1, this floral accord is truly conservative and I find it very acceptable. The volume is perfect and sets the tone for an understated base of  amber, cedar, frankincense, musk and patchouli.

This rendition, in totality, is noticeably more passive than its predecessor. It's not anemic by any means, just more laid back and less in-your-face with the floral array. I like it because of this. The "shared" vibe is apparent, yet this may lean masculine for some. The base is fairly seamless with a subtlety that is fitting the overall composition. I can't say I like the price point, because I don't.......but that aside, this is well made and executed. I also feel this could be worn on any occasion and would be appropriate.

Suffice it to say that Opus II is a winner in my book and if you can afford the price tag, then it's bottle worthy for your wardrobe. If price is an issue, I recommend more reasonably priced releases since there really are creations out there just as good or better for less.


  1. I got the pale lavender and pepper top, and the rose with a dash of cinnamon, but then it was all cedar on me. You're right, there are comparable perfumes with cheaper price tags.

  2. Hi kjanicki ! I can't help but like the scent overall, but I can't say it's an epic release by any means. It's simply good....and for the price....I need a bit more than that.

    You're right about the cedar too. Out of the entire base, cedar is the standout.

  3. Good review! Yes, this is definitely a fragrance where I really enjoyed it, but nothing about it quite managed to push me over the edge into wanting to own it. It's stuck in the four-star purgatory of "excellently made, but I'm not in love."

  4. Yes, good review Aromi ! :) I loved Opus II - a grat masculine, I think.
    Hubba hubba ug ug from Mim The Terrible !:D *LOL*ROFL!