Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jovan Sex Appeal for Men

I always enjoy going back and reviewing an old school fragrance after perusing through niche releases. There's something to be said about diversity. My thanks go out to Sugandaraja for sending me this in his sample package.......even if it was for comic relief !!!

I cannot recall if I ever wore this years ago. Chances are that I have at least tried it, but memory simply doesn't serve. It's just as well since it makes my sample wearing that much more uncluttered by predisposed notions.

This sample wearing is for the Aftershave/Cologne splash and NOT the Cologne Spray. I cannot tell you what the differences may be except the perception that the Cologne Spray MAY BE more concentrated. It stands to reason it would be.......but as of right now, I cannot say for sure.

At any rate, I transferred the splash into an atomizer and applied 3 liberal sprays to my hand. My first thought was ......"Spicy and classic....dated in a very good has this escaped me all these years"? My very next thought was...."KL Homme smells very similar......hhhmmmm.......must try a side by side comparison".

So........that's exactly what I did. I meandered into my sample forest and quickly found my reference atomizer of KL Homme. I spray the Lagerfeld twice and waited a minute. That's all I needed. My third thought was how some no integrity schmuck on ebay could fill up splash bottles of Lagerfeld with Sex Appeal for Men and no one would be the wiser. Granted, there is a slight difference, my nose, it's so small that this could be passed off as KL. Even after enough time has passed and the scents are well into the heart and base, they are amazingly similar and could be substituted for one another.

I have always loved KL Homme and still do. The Lagerfeld came out years after the Jovan so there's no doubt now where the inspiration came from. KL Homme is a doppleganger of Sex Appeal and for the price point, KL lovers have an economical option that is truly viable in the Jovan. The same spicy citric accord with fern hovering in the background is apparent with both going into almost identical drydowns at the same time. Simply amazing !!!........

Well folks.......there you have it. I can barely tell them apart and it has me wondering whether or not I should try the Cologne Spray rendition of Sex Appeal next. At 3 ounces for $11.00 shipped, it almost makes it impossible for me NOT TO BUY IT. It would be neat to have Lagerfeld's older brother in the drobe....

*******Edit note ******I had not known until after posting this review that shamu1 had already covered this fragrance. Sorry about that Sean !!!


  1. awesome. i always see it at wal mart and don't buy it but coat myself liberally.

  2. Where else I can find this cologne because in my country there is mo wal mart. :( I think cologne fit for my brother as a gift on his birthday.

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  3. I finally got my hands on both the aftershave/cologne and the cologne spray. There is a difference, as you probably already know if you acquired the spray already. I find the cologne is a little stronger and lasts a bit longer, but not by much. Aside from a couple of toning agents in the aftershave splash, I don't think there's a tremendous difference in concentration, maybe just a little bit. I prefer the spray though, it's a little easier for me to apply - but I will use the aftershave for its intended purpose.