Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, November 19, 2010

Eau de Gloire by Parfum d'Empire

Upon first sampling this, I must say that Eau de Gloire falls smack in the middle of the gender barrier. This is most assuredly "shared" and  feels comfortably genderless.

Eau de Gloire's volume is more subtle than Wazamba. It has a rounded feel to it supplied by the floral components. I recognize them as such, but I am at a loss as to identify the culprits. To say that Eau de Gloire has an aquatic aura would be erroneous, yet there's a watery texture underneath the everlasting flower array; not to mention a softened incense. I never get the impression of Sables or Luxe patchouli's floral rendition here.

The opening I just described lasts a good while and I find EdG to be linear. To me, this is a floral-marine-incense accord that comprises the majority of the scent's life. It's pleasant and at the same time unremarkable. We can call this a " differently refreshing" scent that will not draw a tip to oneself.

After an hour or so, there's hints of anise that come and go along with a low volume moss. The soft incense note remains throughout and I like it very much. That note is well done in Eau de Gloire and the totality of this release is positive. This won't turn heads, but inquiring minds will know you smell very nice as you walk by. Now, I won't say this would be bottle worthy for me, but if it came in a 50ml like some of the other releases, I may be persuaded to change my mind. Thumbs up from Aromi for Eau de Gloire.


  1. This scent has one of my most hated notes as it's opening, immortelle! My, but I can't stand that or melon in a fragrance. Very glad that Cuir Ottoman is such a gem in this very well crafted line of fragrances.

  2. Hi Kat. I can't say I hate Immortelle, but I do have a rather difficult time with it in other notable frags. Sables and Luxe being the most obvious to me. It's a note that seems to completely dominate entire accords for me.

    Eau de Gloire may be the first scent using that note that I like. I don't find it prominent. It lurks in the background enough to stay out of the way.

    Like you, I like this house and plan on exploring much more.