Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

City Tower by Jacques Bogart ( Revised from 12-1-2010 )

Bergamot, Incense, Pink Pepper.
Nutmeg, Geranium, Cardamom.
Agarwood, Labdanum, Musk, Leather.

When the need arises to revisit a fragrance and I find I like it more now than I did years ago in the review, it's only fitting ( and fair ) to change the review, in order to reflect your new found appreciation. Now, in my initial review, I gave City Tower a thumbs up. This time around, I find it more nuanced and contemporary than previously perceived.

For whatever reason, memory serves City Tower as being stronger than what I am presently wearing. I still experience the suggestion of Tonka, although it's not listed. However, 5 years ago it seemed more pronounced and I now concede that it must be the balsamic quality in the Cardamom rendition interacting with Nutmeg and Labdanum.

In the end, who cares what's giving me that impression. It happens to smell very good and side steps the generic-chemical label so common in fairly recent releases.

Upon initial application, I cannot say I get the typical Bergamot, but there is a subtle sweet in the mix I attribute to it. It's simply tuned too low to be heard over the Spicy Incense. The floral and spice interplay lend an interesting edge to an otherwise placid accord. It manages to puff it up a bit and give it some character.

On my skin at least, the spirit of City Tower lies in its heart. It's here where its strength resides and its here that its steadfast and unwavering personality greets you, not with a smile, but with a nod of acknowledgement. Yes, City Tower is linear and strong like the name suggests. Like a landmark that happens to catch your eye, it lets you know it's there. It's powerfully understated and won't get in your way. It lends enjoyment by simply being there to experience.

I don't experience transitions or shifts in the fragrance except to say that it morphs into a lower gear after 45 minutes or so. It's seamless enough to where I can never genuinely tell when it begins, but once I do take notice, I'll begin to smell that suggestion of Tonka I mentioned earlier. There's also very subtle hints of leatheriness to augment the balsamic accord that's still thriving.

Truth be told, Oud never comes to fruition on my skin when wearing City Tower. Whatever wood I perceive doesn't represent oud as I know it. It's rather indistinguishable, but completely appropriate and complimentary. The resin is also a nice accent.

Sillage is good with longevity approximately 4 hours on my skin, plus the same amount of time or longer as a skin scent. Thumbs up from Aromi for City Tower by Jacques Bogart. I should mention that this has weather versatility in spite of being substantial. As always, a sample wear is recommended before purchase if at all possible.

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