Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Idole Eau de Toilette by Lubin

Lubin released Idole in 2005 and I have been curious to try it for a few years now. My basenote friend rickbr was kind enough to send me a generous amount to sample wear.
Saffron is a love or or hate it note with me. I have smelled it before in a few other renditions and didn't care for it. Like the Immortelle note, it can be deftly utilized or it's simply too in-your-face. I have to say that I have sampled Idole 4 times now.....and like it enough to entertain obtaining a bottle. This is Saffron for men.

Idole opens with a rum soaked saffron accord. I happen to like boozy progressions, so this beginning is very nice for me. The saffron stands toe to toe with its hooligan counterpart and within about 5 minutes,I detect a tangy orange or mandarin note lurking in the background. The citric note counterbalances the saffron and the variance is nice.

Idole is linear on me but very good. It's not transitional in the conventional sense and once the topnotes give way some and lower their volume, I detect a woodiness that's listed as ebony and red sandalwood. This murky, dark wood accord was there the entire time pushing its way through the boozy saffron. Once Idole really settles down, a subtle, spicy leather emerges and takes the wearer into extended drydown.

A sugarcane note is listed and I wonder if this is what I smell along with the leather note. I make no claims knowing what actual sugarcane smells like. It really doesn't matter if I "got" the sugarcane note or not because in totality, Lubin's Idole is very good. A masculine saffron soaked in rum, made zesty by bitter citric notes and underpinned with a leathery woodiness is my kind of juice. Thumbs up from Aromi for Idole.


  1. This sounds like something I could love too. Thanks for the review. Now I have to find my untested sample and try it right away.

  2. I love saffron and have thinking about trying Idole, but the "rum" scared me away. Might be worth it to get to that spicy leather you described!

  3. Always thought it was an absolutely gorgeous bottle. The stuff inside doesn't sound bad at all, either. Will have to bump that one up the "to try" list.

  4. I'm glad that you're enjoying the samples i sent you Aromi :)
    Idole is by far my favorite work of Giacobetti. This is one that she can balance her minimalistic style and the use of exotic notes flawlessly.
    I get more nutmeg than saffron at Idole, and the combination of rum, nutmeg and the sugarcane creates a nice boozy aroma on me. I love how it progress to that transparent but not absent leathery spiced base. A wonderful fragrance with a wonderful bottle, something that you don't see everyday.