Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Moustache Concentree by Rochas

Rochas Moustache is said to have been released in 1948, while other sites record 1949 as its entry into the market. I believe I read that it was the first masculine fragrance to come complete with other grooming accessories. Rochas did something right with Moustache and I believe this served as a template for MCM's Success released in 1986.

Moustache is a woody-amber/ fougiental and possesses an up-front honey note that some might describe as animalic. It's more resinous to me than animalic, but these opinions are subjective. This is good old-school folks. Dated is a word I use for retro scents that have negative connotations . Old school is reserved for the classic renditions that are still viable.

Moustache opens with a tart citric wood accord that's accompanied by a transparent lavender. The lavender soon gives way to an oncoming lemon note that seems to devour it. There's a hint of spice from basil and the basil is backed up by a listed fern note in the heart.

Within minutes of the lemon coming on, the mids push their way into the limelight. Honey is leading the way here folks. Moustache's heart accord has normally heavy hitting floral notes, but the array of geranium, carnation, rose and jasmin are tightly reigned in while the honey sits on top alongside the lemon from the opening. This accord is right up my alley and has gravitas in spite of an acceptable volume.

The base of amber, cedar,moss, musk, tonka and vanilla take their sweet time in arriving. This isn't a loud scent, but it is substantial and I find it so nice to smell ingredients no longer implemented in today's masculines. Moustache isn't fresh nor is it stodgy. It just rocks old school. Big thumbs up from Aromi for Rochas Moustache Concentree.


  1. I love Moustache. This is exactly the kind of fragrance no perfume house should EVER discontinue because it's so timeless and classic. I treasure my bottle.

  2. ( Too lazy to log in Aromi)
    shamu1......I like it enough to have it on my 2011 to-buy list. Moustache and Rochas Globe will be in my drobe come this spring.