Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Monsieur Morabito

How can you not love Morabito's retro art deco bottles? They are corny cool and so far, the juice in them proves to be some interesting masculines. I have yet to obtain Morabito Pour Homme in a similar bottle, but I will.......and M de Morabito comes in the same structure; albeit all are color coordinated with what I believe are themes to the scent itself. M de Morabito is clear with a red top and the juice is appropriately amberish in color.

Monsieur Morabito is obviously cobalt blue and seems to be in keeping with the aroma. There is no information anywhere about note implementation, but I've worn this enough to know it's a fougypre with marine-like overtones. It's unconventional enough to keep you continually sniffing while you sample wear this scent. It's not strange in any sense of the word, simply different. It's also very good. If you have ever smelled Horizon by Laroche, different can be an asset. Monsieur Morabito ( 1994)  is a very distant cousin to Horizon ( 1993) and I'm inclined to believe Morabito took a cue from Horizon, but only a cue as they share only certain similarities.

Monsieur Morabito opens ,on my skin, with a citric accord with hints of lavender, tarragon and what may be a background menthol. It's an extremely good accord that doesn't last as long as I'd like it to. It's reminiscent of some Et Gantier openings. After about 5 minutes, what I construe as cyclamen makes an entrance and adds a marine aura along with subtle herbal elements. This heart accord takes this in a different direction than the topnotes, but it's not a drastic changing of lanes. A soft, geranium like note is in the mix smack alongside the marine accord. These odd partners may be curious bedfellows, but they somehow work together for the good of Monsieur Morabito.

The drydown is a skin scent of the above accords augmented by a very polite vetiver and moss combo. The totality of Monsieur Morabito is a marine / ozonic fougypre. Am I inventing a "class" for this scent? Of course I am. I'm not in violation since it has elements of all those categories. It really doesn't matter anyway. A perfume either smells excellent,  satisfactory or is an unpleasant experience. Categories are simply for describing. Monsieur Morabito falls in between excellent and satisfactory, so in my estimation, it's viable and bottle worthy. It's sillage is moderate and longevity is about 5 hours.

Thumbs up from Aromi for Monsieur Morabito.


  1. I've noticed it for sale at reasonable prices, but the reviews I read made it sound like Horizon, which I don't like. Would you consider it similar to Horizon?

  2. Hey! Yea, I still see it at beautyencounter and to me, it's worth that price all day long.

    It's related to Horizon, but isn't the same. I like the Morabito much better even though Horizon has better projection.

    I would recommend a sample wear because if you bought it blind and didn't care for it, it may be hard to unload since so few people know anything about this fragrance.