Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, January 7, 2011

Passion Mediterrannee Yachting by Morabito

Yachting is the other masculine in the Passion Mediterrannee trio of samples I recently received. This is extremely different from Beach ( which I liked), but I cannot seem to "get" Yachting even after multiple wearings.

I can say that this fragrance needs to be sampled in lieu of purchase. I know from owning a few Morabito's that this house marches to the beat of their own drummer....and that is evident to me while wearing Yachting.

I guess I expected a more mainstream marine take due to the name, but it's not that at all. This is more like a strange Fougypre trying to pull off an aquatic vibe. I'm more taken aback with its weirdness than the aroma. We have cypress front and center in the opening supported by a background citrus and smidgeon of lavender.

After a few minutes, spices courtesy of basil and thyme arrive and their volume is commensurate with the wood. Melon is listed, but I don't realize it....unless it was short lived in the offbeat cacophony of the opening accord. More than likely, it was usurped by the other culprits.....or.......I simply didn't get it. There's also a peppery clove note percolating underneath that slowly gains some momentum by the time the heartnotes arrive. It's a polite duo and is content to stay in the background on my skin.

The base and drydown consist of patchouli, cedar, fir, incense, musk and a note called "foam of tree". I take it as a moss and call it good since I'm clueless as to what "foam of tree" actually is. The fir and "foam" (lol) do emit a sheen of green to the scent and musk evolves ever so slowly to fruition. By extended drydown, the musk has come to the front of the line. As a fan of cedar, incense and patch, I'm kind of disappointed that this "kitchen sink" of notes disallows 3 of my favorites to come into being. Oh well.......Yachting is eclectic enough as it is and a must try for those who seek fragrances like this out.

With that said, the best I can give Yachting is a neutral. The sillage is acceptable and so is the longevity, so there's no problems there. The bottom line is that I could never get to love this scent, regardless of how many wearings. Some things just need to stay out of my wardrobe.........and this is one of them.

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