Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, February 25, 2011

Private Number for Men by Etienne Aigner

Every so often, the lady luck tips her cap in my direction and this time, I walked away with a NIB 50ml Private Number for Men for the staggering sum of $.99 plus $4 shipping. Not too shabby for juice that's fetching approximately $45 per bottle.

What made this even better was that I was searching for a deal on this particular scent since Aigner is my favorite designer house......and because I had never even sampled this 1992 offering. Suffice it to say that neither the price nor the scent itself disappointed me.

Private Number is a fougere that leans fresh and has a very similar fruit note  that is implemented in Aigner's Statement for Men. That note is really the only link between both, but it left an impression on me in Statement and is no surprise that it stands out to me in Private Number.

Both Private Number (1992) and Statement (1994) are aptly named. Both are fougere's that are fresh with Private Number being lower in volume and Statement more boisterous. Private Number opens with a spicy citric accord that immediately introduces green and fruit. The heart of Carnation, Sage, Fir, Jasmin and Rose take on one, blended entity and contribute a very pleasant and indistinguishable accord. The sum of its parts are actually excellent and I could care less that I don't detect a conventional transition. The volume is close and I assume that's what makes it "Private".

Once the base accord unveils itself, the volume is even lower and a mossy wood with just a dash of sweet from amber and musk evolve into a very comfortable skin scent. Private Number is nice, soft, fresh and polite. It's true it breaks no new ground.........but so what? Good is good.

Another very good Aigner addition for my wardrobe .........and a thumbs up from Aromi.

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