Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tom Ford Private Blend Moss Breches... It's all about the labdanum

People who know me understand that labdanum "gets" me like no other note. Something about its longevity, its deep yet subtle warm animalic nature... I just can't get enough (but sometimes have to take a break from scents containing it... go figure.)

Moss Breches is one of those labdanum-note-containing scents that "got" me on first try, and still has me.

A friend described this scent as "warm, musky, sweetish, and verging on gourmand" and that is not a bad description. I find it incensy, with definite hints of honey up front that warm up wonderfully... and then after an hour or so that labdanum magic weaves its spell and stays, and stays, and stays.

If the labdanum and oakmoss are synthetic, which is likely given IFRA regs, though the MB I own is somewhat "vintage...and could be real oakmoss at the very's hard to tell. So well-rendered.

This scent is so very comforting and uplifting to my spirits... I am very glad that I obtained a good-sized decant of it. The honey in the opening is beguiling, particularly with the greenness that is beneath that opening... and the incense notes that are wafted about throughout its longevity (which on me is four to six, even eight hours) ... are although not unique, very, very pleasant. The near-gourmand quality shows up after a couple hours, and it's not unlike (yet unlike...hmm) Caron's Third Man. A sort of gingerbread quality but with the animalic and mossy overtones. Not unpleasant at all. I LIKE it.

But... as I wrote above... it IS all about the labdanum... and the oakmoss, which gives the weight of the labdanum a green and light yet earthy note.


  1. Actiasluna- a woman after my own heart. I adore Moss Breches and I was sorely disappointed that it was discontinued. Last year, I was offered the huge apothecary bottle on a big discount at Nordstorm's as it was the last one left but I refused to buy it . Oh well.
    It is a beauty . Silly Tom Ford for chopping it.

  2. Indeed, Mimi! We loves us our "Mossy Britches! "

  3. In regards to ingredients... My flacon has a very lengthy list including at least 1 now-restriced material (Lyral/hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde) Perhaps the discontinuation wasn't because of poor sales?

    Here is a picture of the ingredients