Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cuir Ottoman by Parfum d'Empire

Leather of a different feather? I believe it is folks. You hear and see the term "unisex" or "shared" quite often these days, but IMO Cuir Ottoman embodies that crossover.

LS list the accords as Jasmin, Leather, Iris, Balsams, Benzoin, Resins & Incense.

Upon applying Cuir Ottoman, I sense a very likable leather lurking under a dash of Iris and an unidentifiable resinous aroma. The Balsams and Resin are what I enjoy most from opening to finish. There is a background incense that gradually gains volume as the life of the scent wears on. It never gets heavy or intrusive. It's simply "there" and augments the linear construction quite nicely.

The leather note seems to be plugged into the incense accord and both slowly come to fruition after 15 minutes. What remains is a long wear of leathery incense and resin. It's very simplistic and very, very good. The volume of Cuir Ottoman is respectable as is the longevity of approximately 5 hours ( moderate sprays). I truly didn't recognize the jasmin note in any conventional sense. It may or may not have been a "puff of smoke" in the opening volley.....and I did look for it......but alas, it escaped me and I'm no worse for the wear. It could also be just me that I'm not recognizing an extremely subtle implementation of it.

At any rate, Parfum d'Empire's Cuir Ottoman is the winner numerous folks have claimed it to be. I'm starting to like this house since everything I've tried so far has been at least good......or better than that.

Thumbs up from Aromi for Cuir Ottoman.


  1. Glad you sampled this one! I thought you'd like it.

    If you like this house, I highly recommend trying Ambre Russe. It's the closest thing to Balenciaga PH still around, but more unisex-y ( think what Cuir Ottoman is to Or Black ). Boozy-amber city!

  2. Thanks bro. I will do just that. I'm becoming impressed with Parfum d'Empire's offerings.

  3. One of the houses one has to have their eye on. I have reviewed this as a mixture of contradictions. I believe that during its development it travels the whole distance from masculine to feminine. Very impressive for that reason but also a beautiful idea.

    All of their scents range form "enjoyable to wear" to "stunning". I also love Fougere Bengale. It is a fougere but a very unconventional one.

  4. Fougere Bengale is one I haven't gotten around to trying, but want to for quite awhile now.

    Keen observation on Ottoman. It does embody masculine to feminine in its transitions.