Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Antico Caruso by Profumum

My good friend AnthonyDG recently sent me a very healthy atomizer of this to sample. Thank you bro. As always, you're awesome.

LS list the notes as Citrus, Almond and Sandalwood. Is Antico Caruso as linear as that? Yes, it is a linear scent with no noticeable transitions ( on me at least ). As soon as it is applied, you know you're wearing a quality fragrance. It doesn't mean you will like it or purchase it, but when a scent is well made, you take notice.

The citrus and almond duo take on a slightly bitter quality. There's an aura of tonka from these two or perhaps there's an unlisted tonka note. It doesn't matter really. The citrus smells like a mandarin with peel and the almond note is at the exact same volume. It takes some time for me to appreciate any woodiness as I am enjoying the opening. There's a slight powder reminiscent of what I usually get from tonka and it goes well with the bitter bite of almond. It's a contrast that works in this simplistic arrangement.

The longevity is what you would expect from Profumum as is the sillage. After all, the price point is extravagant. If perhaps in the foreseeable future, Profumum would see fit to add 30 and 50ml bottles to their catalog, I would own quite a few. As it stands now, 100ml bottles at $240 a pop is a deterrent for purchasing frags that I respect but don't love. Antico Caruso is a prime example. It's well made, perfect sillage and lasts a very long time......yet.......I don't love it, so why would I spring for 100ml? The answer is that I won't.

Thumbs up for Antico Caruso from Aromi. When this house chooses to sell smaller amounts, I shall then become an owner as well as a fan.

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  1. I love Antico Caruso but like you, Aromi - I'm not enough of a fan to part with $240 ( not incl. CA tax ! ) It's too painful ! *LOL*
    It's got an Profumum undertone that I smell in other scents from them. I get some Antico Caruso in Ichnusa !
    Great and interesting reviews , Aromi ! :)