Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bond no 9 Coney Island

CONEY ISLAND is such a quirky, experiential creation that it verily cries out for hermeneutical exegesis. Caveat lector...

The acidic saline citrus opening evokes memories of one thing and one thing alone: the salty rim of a large margarita glass. The frosty blended green slush inside is strong and invigorating and, like an unexpected slap across the face, quickly induces a marked change in view to:

a trip to a white-sandy, wind-whipped beach, where vanilla ice cream cones are dripping faster than children can lick them. The waffle-cookie shells are slightly sweet and crunchy, shimmering in the sun, the outer coating of chocolate dark and sumptuous, softening slowly in the heat. Gleaming golden caramel swirls throughout the bright white vanilla cream, yet somehow the ocean nearby keeps it all still salty, with iridescent frothy waves splashing up on the eater as she prepares to take each bite, light mists of seawater spraying into her mouth.

Later, exhausted by the day's fun, it's time to sit and watch the setting sun, as darkness threatens quietly to descend, when

The volume of noise slowly diminishes as the groups begin to disperse, the individuals now wandering slowly through dimly lit labyrinthine paths back to their beds, where they will fall asleep, forgetting all of their worries and problems for a time. Lingering sweetness and light will fill their heads like a beatific vision, and they will dream only of salty caramels dusted with unsweetened Dutch-processed cocoa as they drift gently away to an unreachable realm where there are no Blackberries or cellphones, and no one is asking anyone to follow them on Twitter or counting their Friends. Only little Bo-peeps exist along with infinitely many miniscule sheep dotting the screen of the dreamer's shimmering green visual horizon like tiny white blossoms: bright stars illuminating the vast galaxy beyond...

But what, in the end, does it all mean? you may ask.

Your guess is as good as mine!

Perfumer: Michel Almaic
Salient notes (from Margarita mix, melon guava, cinnamon, chocolate, caramel, musk, vanilla, cedarwood, sandalwood

(adapted from a review posted at on June 25, 2010)


  1. LMAO.....I swear, I'm so blue collar-middle class compared to your vocabulary I have to google the definitions to numerous words you use. At least I now know what hermeneutical exegesis means:) ( Remembering the words will be another story....and let's not even consider spelling this come tomorrow and beyond)

    The Bond however sounds pretty good. I still don't know exactly what to make of this house. I haven't really come across anything that screams "buy me" or "Hell no......"...

    Nice post sherapop.

  2. Thanks, Aromi. I should say that there are plenty of Bond launches which I don't really like very much. Of course, they have something like 60 edps by now, so it would be a financial disaster to like all of them! (-;

    This one, in particular, is so strange that I'm not sure I could use a full bottle ( I have a purse spray). Where to wear it, pray tell? But it's definitely interesting and a good example of some creativity coming out of this house, so often maligned (unfairly, in my view) as a Creed ripoff, etc....