Cuir Cordoba by Keiko Mecheri

So far, the Mecheri's I have worn have been quality fragrances with polite volumes. Cuir Cordoba seems to be on the other end of the spectrum. This one needs a deft touch since it has a predisposition to become cloying if over applied.

Love Benzoin do you? Cuir Cordoba will love you right back with abandon. In essence, this is a benzoin and suede tag team that's on the creamy side with the iris adding a very nice powdery touch. I can assume that the elemi is responsible for adding spiciness to a very good leathery vanilla. Cuir Cordoba is marketed as masculine, but pay no attention to that. It's a shared scent all day long.

LS has the notes listed as : Black violet, Bergamot, Elemi, Suede, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Benzoin.

The Mecheri site has these listed : Suede accord, Iris butter, Atlas cedarwood, Hawthorne blossoms.

When first applied, I cannot say I get black violet. I don't recall ever having smelled this particular floral before and can't identify violet in Cuir Cordoba even its conventional form. It may simply be hidden from my sense of smell, but no matter. The opening to the finish is a dense, lush scent and with or without a noticeable violet makes no difference. The Suede, Benzoin and Iris are the stars here.

The drydown takes a mini eternity to arrive. On me, it's simply the same rendition of notes with a lower volume and a subtle augmentation of wood. I thoroughly enjoyed my sample wearings of Cuir Cordoba and this will cause me to explore Keiko's other offerings sooner than I had planned.

Cuir Cordoba is very linear and very pleasant. Good is good regardless. Thumbs up from Aromi for Mecheri's Cuir Cordoba.


  1. I thoroughly enjoy your reviews Aromi!

    Would you say this resembles Cuir Ottoman in terms of suede, benzoin and iris?


  2. Hey Saif. Thank you for the kind words.

    I have some Cuir Ottoman and these 2 are nothing alike. The vanilla in Cuir Cordoba puts it in a different category as does the rendition of leather.

    Both are very good though.


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