Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Friday, November 25, 2011

Scarlett by Keiko Mecheri

LS lists the notes for Scarlett as : Rare spices, Blood orange zest, Green of angelica and May rose.

I am beginning to think of Keiko Mecheri as a Champion of Understatement. My wearings of this house have left me with the impression that the creations are deliberately soft, close to the skin and yet still hefty enough to be enjoyable at the lower volume.

The name Scarlett ( to me ) is a misnomer. The aura is never conjured up and if anything, I imagine the green you would get from peeling the bark of a very young twig away in layers to expose the moist center. The opening also reminds me of Tristano Onofri for Men. Not precisely a sharp accord, but almost.

I have enjoyed Angelica in classic masculines, but I cannot recall smelling "green of angelica" before. This must be where I am deriving my impression from. It really doesn't matter what is listed. What matters is the overall totality. Scarlett is truly a linear fragrance and the citrus that is present cannot be identified as a conventional implementation by yours truly. I understand that zest is listed, but I don't get orange or peel-like qualities. It's like a mystery citric, but I like it well enough.

After 15 minutes or so, a very mild dill and anise like quality inserts itself into the subtle transition. It doesn't change the direction of the fragrance much. It's still a very young, green scent with herbal and wood undertones. The spice aspect of Scarlett smells like an extremely mild usage of paprika. I also think I'm getting intermittent whiffs of what smells like cinnamon, but it doesn't hang around long enough to be sure.

The rose in Scarlett is what has disappointed me. The overall scent is better, in my opinion, than what others have said about it. The rose note however is what could have taken this to where it needed to go. It's equivalent to you and 3 to 4 others waiting to be picked up by your ride, only to have him show up on a motorcycle.

Scarlett by Keiko Mecheri is nice enough. Nothing transcendent, complicated or creative. Simply nice. I recommend a try-b-4-u-buy on this one. Neutral rating from Aromi for Scarlett.

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