Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Thursday, December 1, 2011

04 Petrana EDT by Odin

I purchased this sample for 2 reasons. The notes were intriguing and violet leaf absolute is listed in the accord. No, I'm not a lover of violet. If anything, I have problems with note quite often. There have been a few fragrances that implemented it a particular way and I loved it. The rest of them however didn't work so well on me. By the rest of them I mean the majority.

Enter 04 Petrana by Odin. The opening is a dense rush of spicy green along with a fruit like quality. Nothing too sweet mind you, but definitely moist and palpable. It's a very nice opening accord and within just a few minutes, the violet makes its introduction. This is one of the more favorable violet notes I've encountered and I can't seem to stop sniffing it.

My sample has a minute amount of what looks like pinkish sediment. There is pink pepper listed and it is detectable on the skin. Lightly shaking the vial takes care of that, so I would assume that there is going to be some sediment in the bottles and they would need a turn or two.

LS has the notes for 04 Petrana listed as : Deep purple cassis, Pink pepper, Herbaceous coriander, Black iris, Violet leaf absolute, Garden heliotrope, Wild orris root, Vetiver and White musk.

The pepper is a nice touch and is good company for the spicier attributes of cassis. The green remains but at a  more subdued level. The violet-like qualities start coming to the fore along with an herbal undercurrent. This accord is very good, full and does not exceed a polite volume. I'm liking this scent quite a bit in spite of it being in a category I normally don't gravitate to.

The execution of the first 2 sequences of Petrana are commendable. They also have excellent longevity until they finally begin to fade away leaving an earthy musk in its wake. On me, the vetiver and musk are very low key and succeed in not only embellishing the drydown, but also perpetuating the heart accord for a lengthier period of time.

04 Petrana by Odin is a well done "shared" fragrance featuring violet with support from fruit, green, spicy notes and very light wood tones. You already know this one gets the thumbs up.

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