Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fareb by Huitieme Art

Immortelle wood, Leather, Cumin and Ginseng.

I've worn this multiple times now before posting an opinion on Fareb. I'm finding this one to be a Dr Jekyll. I like it one wearing and don't the next. Go figure........

The wearings I liked better were the ones that the Immortelle was more pronounced. The other wears had the cumin-ginseng at the fore and I admit to not caring for that too much. It seems that if I shake the sample a few times, I get more Immortelle. Once again, go figure........

Fareb is extremely uncomplicated and what I get in the opening is what I get for the life of the scent. It's not because there's only a few listed notes. I'm quite sure there's a good deal more in the makeup of Fareb. It's simply the way it's tuned.

If perhaps the Immortelle and leather notes were attenuated in a more noticeable fashion and only assisted from the spices, Fareb would probably have a much broader appeal. As it stands, the two notes I wanted most are much too passive and play second fiddle.

Fareb is also on a lower volume as a whole. That may be a good thing as cumin can be a bit alienating. The rendition of it here, besides being louder than it should, isn't an offensive one. It's recognizable as cumin and in tandem with the ginseng, they both add a spicy, earthiness to the composition.

Once Fareb hits what normally is a drydown stage, it becomes smoother in spite of the spices still being center stage. The Immortelle spreads out and adds what I can only describe as a calming influence. It still isn't at a volume I would like, but I guess we can't have everything.

The leather note isn't anything I can identify as a conventional implementation. It's this, coupled with the anemic rendition of floral, that forced me to conclude that this is simply not my cup of......errr......cumin.

Sillage is average with longevity a bit better than that. A neutral rating from Aromi for Fareb by Huitieme Art. Go figure.........

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