Sienna Musk by Sonoma Scent Studio

Musk, Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Ginger, Clove, Mandarin, Cedar and Cypress.

One of my favorites from Sonoma Scent Studio. This is a musk dominant scent served up a tad different. I won't go as far as to say the rendition is arid, but ( on me ) projects a dustiness that I have come to thoroughly enjoy.

Sienna Musk falls in between sensual and just plain smelling good for the sake of smelling good. I don't claim to have a wardrobe full of terrific musk representatives, but enough of my collection have musk as part of the drydown. Some I like, some I'm ambivalent to, but what they all have in common is that none smell as good as this one.

It's true that Sienna Musk doesn't simply use the musk note in a base-accord setting. It opens as a spicy woody with that unconventional musk permeating the opening accord and beyond.

From the onset, you will become aware of how well this is blended. It's very rich, yet still has room to expand and breathe a little. The note volume is tuned to perfect pitch on me and that's something I'm always looking for in everything I wear.

Transitions? Not so much, but who needs them in a substantial scent such as this? Sienna Musk is good to go from the second the sprayer is depressed and you hear yourself involuntarily saying "Damn" !

The spicy wood doesn't take long to incorporate a balsamic nature. This aroma never leaves and merges with the everlasting musk. Sienna Musk in a nutshell. The spices and cardamom are very agreeable and offset the wood and musk in grand fashion.

Sillage is terrific and longevity is off the charts on my skin. A big thanks to Laurie for taking the time in releasing a fantastic musk that flirts back. Thumbs up from Aromi.


  1. That sounds really beautiful! And I love the gif you selected...

  2. Hi *jen. Thank you for the compliment. Laurie Erickson makes it easy to write a glowing review !


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