Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lorenzo Villoresi Alamut

Osmanthus, Rose, Jasmine, Rosewood, Exotic Flowers.
Narcissus, Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, Orange Blossom, Labdanum.
Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Benzoin, Leather.

I held off for a long time from sampling this. I did so because the accords did not resemble something I was in a hurry to smell. I assumed it would be much too floral for me and I've come to find I was wrong.

There's a duo of notes I have come to like very much over the years, but just because both are listed in any fragrance doesn't mean the ratios give me that certain "something". It seems that Alamut has the right tuning of Tuberose and Labdanum to bring that smile to my face.

Alamut opens with a slightly green and fruity accord that's floral in nature. There's also a balsam in the mix and not even in the top does Alamut lean too far feminine or masculine. It seems to ride the razors edge between gender.

"It will  transition to the heart and it will be here that Alamut goes over to the feminine side". This was my presumption. Once again, I was wrong, but happy to be so. The slight balsamic and resiny texture, along with  a very light wood keep this smack in the middle. The tuberose and labdanum are extremely well paired ; so much so that  these two notes have me entertaining thoughts of purchase.

The other floral notes simply add a full character to the totality of Alamut. The
Orange Blossom delivers a welcomed sweet quality that is genuinely tuned to perfection here. This is a note that can get very domineering, but it never does in Alamut. Lorenzo did a fantastic job attenuating the floral accord. I tip my cap.

The base and drydown slip in unawares on my skin. Alamut slowly becomes a bit more woody and the benzoin seems to perpetuate the Orange Blossom and Narcissus. I can't say I get much leather or patchouli, but the accord is so pleasant I could care less. The balsamic quality is still present and remains for the life of the scent.

Both sillage and longevity, while not extravagant, are very acceptable. 5 hours plus on my skin is good enough to warrant a big thumbs up from Aromi for Lorenzo's Alamut.


  1. Wonderful review Aromi. A gorgeous scent indeed. I also love Villoresi patchouli and these both scents together are fantastic. When Alamut starts to dry down, just one spritz of Patchouli...:)

  2. Thank you Nil ! It's better than I ever expected and the addition of patchouli you recommended sounds very interesting !