Ambre a Sade by Nez a Nez

Blackberry, Strawberry, Caramel, Raspberry, Cedar, Cinnamon, Tonka, Vanilla, Patchouli, Russian Leather.

If you have been looking for a substantial gourmand with a heavy quality and sweetness you can stir with an imaginary spoon, you may just want to sample Ambre a Sade.

There seems to be numerous, scathing reviews lambasting not only Ambre a Sade, but the House as a whole. What I don't understand is that if you have the capability of reading the listed notes before you purchase, how on earth could you be shocked that Ambre a Sade is a heavy and sweet fragrance with serious longevity?

Ambre a Sade is a scent that needs to be applied with a deft touch. It has the potential to be cloying, so misting is a good idea and not much of it either. I found the less I used in my sample wearings yielded positive results. It also doesn't smell "cheap" like some opinions I've read. Perhaps if too much was applied, it could be unpleasant and cause for the disparaging remarks.

Ambre a Sade isn't a great fragrance. It simply doesn't deserve the hate it's garnished. It's like a sweet, dessert cocktail made for the skin that sits on a woody base. If your proclivities don't run in these circles, then by all means avoid the likes of Ambre a Sade.

I was surprised at the longevity of this scent. My wearings lasted as long as Laurie Erickson's creations and THAT is a feat. The next day, Ambre a Sade can easily be detected with it's earthy wood and leather still clinging to the skin.

The woodiness is sweet and the suggestion of amber is evident. It's the foundation of Ambre a Sade and present from the opening volley. I admit to liking the sweet and spicy berry conglomerate, but only in very light applications. The top accord is obviously more suited to the feminine persuasion, yet the base and drydown is fitting for either gender.

The finish is actually a comfortable rendition of van-amber, leather, spice and soft patchouli. Personally, I believe that this stage is the best part of Ambre a Sade, but others may disagree. The cinnamon works best here and seems to accent the subtle resins that appear in the base accord and beyond.

Thumbs up from Aromi for Nez a Nez's Ambre a Sade. A sample wear is most definitely recommended.


  1. Nice review, Aromi! My reading on the hate this perfume receives is simply that it has been misnamed. People wanted leather whips and chains when they signed up for "Ambre à Sade". Instead they found a sugary confection.

    Under a different name, I think that we would not see so many scathing reviews... There are people who actually like By Kilian Love, after all... (-;


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