Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vanithe by Nez a Nez

Verveine, Rosemary, Bergamot, Jasmine Tea, Cedar, Gaiac Wood, Vanilla, Honey, Tonka Bean.

I take, with a grain of salt, the categorizations of scents on sites such as LS, since I find numerous ones unsuitable for one gender or the other in spite of it being tagged "unisex".

Vanithe is a feminine fragrance and while nice, I wouldn't attempt full wearings simply because they are countless others that smell as good or better and genuinely straddle the fence of gender. Naturally, there are many more parfums that wear more "feminine" than Vanithe and some men may find Vanithe completely appropriate to wear. That's a personal choice that has to be made. I have already made mine.

With that said, Vanithe is a well made floral woody that, on my skin at least, showcases a Jasmine with citrus, herbal elements and a very, shadowy tea note.

The opening of Vanithe affords me the best glimpse of the tea rendition. It's intertwined with an extremely likable citric accord, with a soon-to-be prominent Jasmine nipping at their heels. It's a solid opening and one that, unfortunately, is too feminine for me to wear. I sure wouldn't mind smelling this unfold on the female persuasion.

The herbal components are downplayed here and work more as nuance notes on me. I like the way they are tuned as they leave room for the wood to gradually unfold and be accounted for very easily. While in the heart accord, the Jasmine is still the focus with whiffs of tea and oncoming gaiac. It seems that, other than the floral center, all others are here to surround, accent and spotlight the Jasmine-Tea combination. I will say that, at this stage of the wearings, Vanithe is more viable as a shared scent.

Any changing of the guard to signal the appearance of base and drydown notes is done with discretion. Vanithe is inevitably heading down the path of an Oriental finish. The vanilla and tonka are not used overtly. Their particular ratio permits them to contribute rather nicely and allows the Jasmine-Tea-Gaiac triumvirate enough breathing room to be the essence far into the life of Vanithe.

So far, Nez a Nez has impressed me with their depth, regardless of whether or not I liked what I sampled or found it wearable. Well made is just that and it ensures that I will explore this house further. Vanithe's sillage is good and the longevity is 5 hours plus on me. Overall, this is a very nice scent that just happens to be a little too feminine for me to pull off.

Thumbs up from Aromi for Vanithe. A sample wear ( as always ) is recommended.

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