Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Il Mondi Odore Perfume Reviews

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vermeil for Men

Lemon, Basil, Thyme.
Geranium, Rose, Orris, Vetiver.
Patchouli, Tobacco, Moss, Cedar.

To the very best of my ability, these notes are in the accords. I have put off posting a review on Vermeil for Men simply because I could find no listed notes anywhere in my searches. It would be dishonest of me not to mention this, but the notes I posted are ones I believe comprise this particular masculine.

That aside, I mentioned Vermeil in my Davidoff Classic review as being "Davidoff Lite". I have not changed my mind and have done yet another side by side comparison to ensure I still perceive it the same way. I do and it is as I remember it to be.

Vermeil is a smooth version of Davidoff. It has less edginess and this is noticeable from the opening to the drydown. The opening accord is semi-aromatic and if you're a fan of herbs and citrus, you may just enjoy this. The aura of tobacco is evident within a minute and there's no denying that the bottle, configured like a lighter, is justifiable.

Vermeil for Men suggests tobacco with very subtle smoke. The emphasis seems to be on tobacco leaves and I admit to liking it better in this fashion than if it were charred. This would be extremely appropriate in a room where mature gentlemen light up, relax and exchange conversation.

Vermeil for Men doesn't change much from the beginning to end and wears as though it was tuned to go directly to the base. Naturally, the presence diminishes as the wearing ensues, but the transitions are subtle enough to escape me.

For the money, Vermeil for Men cannot be beat. It's a smooth, aromatic tobacco fragrance that smells very good and has substance. Sillage is good and longevity is 5 hours plus on me. Vermeil cost me approximately $12.00 for 100ml. shipped, so if you are considering sampling this masculine, just buy a full bottle. Thumbs up from Aromi for Vermeil's supple tobacco bomb.

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